July 2019
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News and Needs

Looking for Active Members to Join our Board
We have to stay involved to protect the American
Dream and the Constitution Bring a friend or your
neighbor to lunch!!!

Remember, it will be a continued financial effort on
all our parts to keep the Headquarters running
Continued involvement in the “Nifty Fifty" Club
keeps us open.

Our Elected officials

San Bernardino County Supervisor 1st District

Robert Lovingood 

California State Assembly 33rd, District 

Jay Obernolte 

California State Assembly District 36

Tom Lackey

California State Senate District 21

Scott Wilk

United States Representative District 8

Paul Cook


United States President

Donald Trump



Join our Club

We are not looking for men & women who just want to have their name on the membership list of the Victor Valley Republican Club. We are looking for men & women who share the same sense of urgency that this is our time in the history of our State & Country, to take a stand! We need to do our part as Patriots to preserve the freedoms of liberty given to us by God and faithful men and women over the past 230 years, since the Boston Tea Party.

We actively work on voter registration and "getting out the vote", the Mailing address is P.O. Box 350, Apple Valley 92307. Telephone 760-946-5300, and we encourage our members to actively work as precinct captains in their neighborhoods. We provide informative speakers at our monthly meetings because there is no substitute for knowing what the issues are and being able to explain them clearly to those in our sphere of influence.

Our goals are to build the Republican Party, to educate, motivate, and involve our members in voter registration and getting out the vote. To become a member of the Victor Valley Republican Club or for more information, please click here.